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Patrick Horsman Giving

Last Updated – November 19, 2021

Winner of Grant – TBD

Patrick Horsman is an investment and entrepreneurial pioneer. In celebrating his passion for helping the next generation of entrepreneurs become successful. He has launched through the Patrick B. Horsman Foundation, a scholarship for underprivileged but bright, academically inclined students. PB Horsman is one of the most credible and successful voices in his industry.

Mr. Horsman is an American investor, and successful entrepreneur. He has successfully launched, managed and grown several businesses across many sectors, including financial, cryptocurrency and investments. Patrick B. Horsman’s specialty is finding and uncovering esoteric niche investments. He focuses on those with competitive advantages that are sustainable. Patrick is the managing partner of Blue Sand Securities. He co-founded the firm in 2002 with his business partner. Through Blue Sand, Patrick Horsman has raised over $15 billion from investors for its alternative investment fund clients. Horsman is also the CEO and co-founder of Marion Investment Management LP. Marion is the litigation finance fund that Patrick launched in 2009. It currently manages over $150 million in funds. Additionally, Patrick B. Horsman co-founded and is currently the managing partner of Integrated Ag LLP, a private equity fund focused on agricultural investments within United States farmland with a specialty of focusing on improving water infrastructure.

Patrick Horsman Giving 2021

The Patrick Horsman Giving scholarship is aimed at supporting talented and motivated students by helping them with their higher education costs through scholarships and grants. The goal is to help these students build a foundation for gaining the skills and ambition they need to become successful entrepreneurs. The Patrick B. Horsman Foundation will choose well-qualified, talented individuals to receive $2,500 scholarships. Patrick will be providing these scholarships each semester to different applicants.

Patrick Horsman Giving: How to Apply for Financial Support?

Patrick Horsman will provide $2,500 scholarships to the most impressive, ambitious and driven students who apply for the funds. In order to apply, students need to submit a one and a half page letter, focusing on why they want to be an entrepreneur, and why they have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and run a successful business. Patrick will personally evaluate applications and will decide on the ultimate winners of the scholarships and grants. Applicants should be full time students at US universities pursuing degrees in business or related fields. Students are encouraged to mention life stories, their backgrounds and personal characteristics in their essays in order to showcase the best part of themselves. 

Applicants must complete the online application form. It must be submitted along with a copy of proof of enrollment in their college or university. Accepted candidates will be chosen and contacted by email.

Essay Topic: “Why do you want to become an entrepreneur? Why do you believe you will be successful?”

“Entrepreneurship is extremely difficult and requires perseverance, intelligence, and an unrelenting drive for success.” - Patrick B. Horsman


Giving Deadline 1: December 31, 2021


Giving Winner 1: February 1, 2022


Giving Amount 1: $2,500


Giving Deadline 2: June 30, 2022


Giving Winner 2: August 1, 2022


Giving Amount 2: $2,500


How to Apply


To apply, click here and fill out the application. Email your essay to

Be sure to include all the following details in your application:


• Full name


• Phone number


• Mailing address


• School email (.edu)


• Expected graduation date


• The name of the accredited college or university you are attending


• Your current GPA


The Patrick Horsman Giving has been specifically created as an opportunity for a deserving student to achieve his or her goals to become a successful entrepreneur. The scholarship winners for the Patrick Horsman Giving will be announced at

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