Patrick Horsman: Everything you wanted to know about cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses cryptography to secure transactions and create new units of the currency. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC are decentralized currencies not backed by any government or central bank, but made possible by advances in computer science. The use of cryptocurrency is on the rise –and could soon be part of your world! Learn how it works and what you need to know before you start investing in it.

What is cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency (virtual tokens) that uses cryptography to secure transactions and, in turn, create new units of the currency. Cryptocurrencies are often traded on decentralized exchanges and can also be used to purchase goods and services. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC.

Traders are attracted to cryptocurrencies because their values are volatile, fluctuating by anywhere from 10% to 50% per day. 

"For some investors, this volatility pays off," says Patrick Horsman.

Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to create a secure, decentralized network. Transactions on the blockchain are verified by users in the community before being added to the ledger. This system makes cryptocurrency difficult to hack.

How does it work?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset. Cryptography is used to create secure transactions. Cryptocurrency is decentralized, meaning it doesn't rely on a central authority to manage its transactions or to issue new units. Bitcoin, the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, was created in 2009.

What is a digital wallet?

"A digital wallet is an application that stores your cryptocurrency," explains Patrick. "Cryptocurrencies are stored in encrypted wallets secured with a private key. A person's public key acts as an address that can be used to receive coins from other users, while the private key gives the user access to their digital currency. The availability of the public and private key makes digital wallet an important part of cryptocurrency."

How do you buy and sell?

The most common way to purchase cryptocurreny is through an online currency exchange, such as Coinbase or Kraken. These exchanges run 24/7, so cryptocurrency is a truly global market that never sleeps.

Is cryptocurrency safe for me to use?

Since cryptocurrency is decentralized, it is not subject to the whims of any one government. It's also encrypted, which helps thwart hacking risks. 

"There are a few risks that you should be aware of when investing in cryptocurrencies," warns Patrick Horsman. "One is that the market is highly volatile and can go up or down very quickly. This means that you could lose all of your money very quickly if you invest at the wrong time. Another risk is that there are a lot of scams in the cryptocurrency world." 

So, you need to be very careful when choosing which cryptocurrencies to invest in and make sure to do your research first.

Should I invest in it now or wait until the price goes up more?

Ultimately, the answer to this question is purely speculative. There are compelling arguments both for investing in cryptocurrency now or waiting for it to be more expensive. If you invest now, you will likely not get as much of a return on your investment than if you wait until the price goes up more. On the other hand, if you invest now, there is some chance that you might lose all of your money if the cryptocurrency crashes.

I would recommend getting started with investing some small amount of money in cryptocurrency right away so that you can gain experience with it. This will help give you an understanding of what it's like and how it works before investing more money into it. Once you feel comfortable with investing in cryptocurrencies, then I would recommend gradually increasing your investment as the price goes up.


Cryptocurrency is based on the use of cryptography to create secure digital financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies are stored in encrypted wallets secured with a private key, which makes it difficult for hackers to steal your money or counterfeit them. The most common way to purchase cryptocurrency is through an online currency exchange, such as Coinbase or Kraken. There are many risks associated when investing in cryptocurrencies but there's also plenty of opportunity if you do your research before committing any funds!

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