About Patrick Horsman

Serial entrepreneur and investor

Patrick B. Horsman, through his life experience and career, believes in the power of a quality education. Patrick strives to instill excellence, discipline, vision and strong worth ethic into future entrepreneurs through his scholarship program.

Patrick's education story

PB Horsman is a successful venture capitalist and entrepreneur. He credits much of his success to his beginnings, which started with a strong education.

Patrick grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He moved to Arizona in high school and attended Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale.

He went to college at the University of Arizona, triple majoring in accounting, finance, and entrepreneurship. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2002.

The importance of scholastic achievement

When asked about his success, and the success of those in his network, Patrick always starts by emphasizing the importance of a solid education. A four year degree in business, entrepreneurship, finance or related major is crucial for future business leaders. Although there are stories of entrepreneurs who skipped college, Patrick believes that education is the foundation for future business success.

Patrick Horsman decided to offer his twice-annual $2,500 scholarship because he wants to help lead and grow the next generation of business leaders.

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