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In addition to his success as a serial entrepreneur, Patrick Horsman is known for his generosity, philanthropy and giving back to the community. He looks for ways to share his experience and knowledge and how to give back to the next generation. He’s particularly interested in helping students achieve their goals as entrepreneurs.

Patrick Horsman

Patrick B. Horsman - “I’m pleased to offer my scholarship to well-deserving undergraduate student's studying a field related to entrepreneurship.”

About Patrick Horsman

Patrick has lived across the US, going where his businesses take him. He currently resides on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico

Patrick Horsman is a successful entrepreneur and investor. Since graduating from college, he has co-founded and created a number of innovative companies. He attended the University of Arizona and graduated magna cum laude in 2002. Patrick triple majored in finance, accounting and entrepreneurship. Soon after graduating he and his business partner co-founded Blue Sand Securities, the first business he launched after graduation. Patrick is an experienced and savvy digital asset investor with deep knowledge of blockchains, DeFi, NFT's and other digital assets. 

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Funding America's future leaders

The Patrick Horsman Giving Award is designed to support academically talented and motivated students. Patrick is looking for serious students who have the drive to become entrepreneurs and create impactful business.

Patrick Horsman Foundation for Charitable Services

Patrick Horsman has a passion for education and preparing the next generation for success through entrepreneurship. To carry this out, he established the Patrick Horsman Foundation to provide scholarship funds to bright and motivated students interested in pursuing the path of entrepreneurship in or after college. Patrick Horsman is cognizant of the costs of higher education in 2023 and wants to help you to succeed. He welcomes students from all socioeconomic backgrounds from around the world who will be studying in the United States to apply for the Patrick B. Horsman scholarship.

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